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Art in all mediums has a power of transformation. Clay, for me, has a unique capability. I have explored different facets of clay while studying at Emily Carr University. The inspirations of working with clay, the texture of reliefs and cut outs are energizing. Throwing clay on the potter's wheel, in particular, can be addictive as it is quiet and personal; it is like a meditation for me as I have to centre myself before I can centre the clay. Trees has been my obsession for a long time. My fascination on tree barks started while taking pictures of textures of birch, oak, pine and cedar trees in Pacific Northwest. I have been mesmerized that they all seem to have scars on their barks, and try to tell us their stories with callus, I watchfully listen to their stories to share botanic exquisiteness beyond cicatrix.


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Birch bark speaks to artist through clay

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Oak street studio ( 2017~2022 July)

         Two years after graduating from Emily Carr University, I developed my 

         signature style, which I call 'Rusty Birch Design'.

         Since I studied painting in South Korea, the surface treatment and texture

         were my main interest. And I realized carving and scratching the clay give    

         me the painting like result.



The painting of white porcelain clay over red stoneware clay and the resultant " birch bark effect" provides the pleasing natural aesthetic.

Etched and marked, washed in a matte white slip over rich-red clay, the vessels 

have the burnished texture of birchbark.


I can tell that the trees have endured devastating wind and rain and it is like the bark is speaking to me.